Sensitive Human Species: The Empath

wonderful topic i was informed rather lately …CONSIDERING mid-life as rather late for confirming what i always felt and explored without naming it ‘BEING an EMPATH ‘ … for good and for worse , i ‘m so grateful for being the real me , true-self connected to the source of Oneness …IN PEACE and Happy to share Light …

The Reality of One

Empaths are the true definition of empathetic people.

An Empath is a person that is hypersensitive to the emotions and energy of other people, as well as animals. They have the ability to physically feel the emotions of a person/animal standing within their Auric field.

Empaths have this sense of “knowing” and very strong intuition.

Empaths are the people who feel their way through life. They are born highly sensitive with the ability of empathy to help them understand their surroundings on a deeper level than the physical. This ability grants them the opportunity to help people heal. This is done through means of stepping into the shoes of a person to gain a better understanding of the situation. Most Empaths are born with a ‘knowing’ that aids as a proper form of guidance. They intuitively seem to ‘know’ there is more to a story than what meets the eye…

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