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raph 7ms +Good reception here too. Excellent reunion . Thank you all . Synchronicities , guidance and angels drove me there / I ‘m still in ‘connecting the dots’ process , meditation , healthy diet and studies are part of my routine to stay awakened and fit . As a natural empath , i ‘m recently discovering ‘reality’ of lucid Dreams , and another sign of upgrading appears with more precise confirmations of visions and foreseeings . lONG term , short term in phase …BIG SHIFT and massive UPGRADING shared with the community of watchmen. spiritual believers, searchers of Truth and openminded people .Welcome to the beautiful family …WE all know who we really are .Today was so warm and shiny . An angel guides me on the pathway . I believe in invisibility like when i was a child , just for fun , like he did alone in the crowd , waiting for the bus under the Sun § We smiled to each other and i played with him and the Sun to cover him with my height and so give some shadow , knowing by grace , we were free and safe. telepathic connection, remembering the rules of adventure in wild countries . God is pure love and forgiveness , gratitude will bring even more grace . We finally got the bus and struggled to assure him a seat … HAHAHA He was like a king . We smiled together about the strategy ,we understood always without a word ;I reached my destination thinking about this sign on the way . He was looking like my grand-son …Or the projection of him at 11 or 12 , grace to God he’s just 9 months in the coming days , hope to see him before he can really walk, time is so fast with them …I Stopped to the mall , for buying some new luggage to travel and prepare the time , i ‘ll pick up a flight to visit my family abroad …See you soon Raphael ..it’s part of the NEW chapter to come …. NEW BEAUTIFUL LIFE . Peace , love and light .

Source: We Are Here – The Elohim via


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